About Us

Or NOYAU was established in 2008 as a bakery supplying only chocolates to clients. Today, we have grown to become a unique catering company that serves delicious finger foods with high quality of production and hygiene standards. With that, we have a fine chocolate department that uses only premium quality chocolate and chocolate derivatives which makes us stand out. The accurate and time consuming tailoring of each chocolate piece of our selection guarantees customer satisfaction. A stroll in our showroom will reveal the wonderful array of the different kinds of sandwiches, salads, pastries - both savory and sweet.
During your visit to our showroom enjoy sips of our fragrant Arabic coffee that will take you back to our heritage.
One of our strengths is that the Founder of Or NOYAU is a culinary wizard in the kitchen. She has practiced a multitude of hours using her creative flair to create extraordinary delicious, mouth-watering and palatable items that not only looks good but tastes good to meet the changing needs of our clients who care about what they eat.
Our leadership is hands-on because Or NOYAU isn’t just a company – it’s a passion. We are in the planning of opening new outlets to reach to our clients and their passion for being unique.

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence